Thursday, April 12, 2012


Shake my head.

What a terribly terrible day.

Mini vent coming on; please bear with me.

Almost late to Deutschklasse; didn't do as well on my accounting exam as i would have liked; accounting final on different day than on syllabus, a Saturday instead of Friday [why Saturday?!]; NeverShoutNever concert is that day....fuark; two exams on Friday [deal with that, i can]; my computer dang near crashed [thank goodness for Lovely and his magic voodoo computer skills]; phone almost died trying to talk to him to figure it out; trying to get a room for next year was crazy.

Phew. That felt niiiiiiiiiice. Thank you.

Lovely really is magic with computers. And people starred at me and were talking about me. That's not very nice. Just be nice. It's a rule in our room.

Hmmm....i'm calm now. Jess and i picked out our room for next year and it was one of our top picks :) that stressor is done.

Vintage skirt from Checkered Past! I shortened it a few inches over break. It's adorable and i love it, but pleats are a worth it! Took this belt off of my blue/white striped dress. Hmm....perhaps i'll wear that dress on Friday. Need a confidence boost. My hair is losing its red sheen. Poo.

I'm ready for bed...

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