Sunday, April 8, 2012

Get crafty and scared sh*tless.

Jordan and i had a nice day out...i had my hair cut [more or less trimmed and styled since i'm still growing it out] and then rented three movies and Big Brother came over to hang out.

Happy Feet Two is sad....albeit a good movie. Big Bro made fun of it but it depicts the effects of global warming and such, about which i had just read in English class. Poor animals :(

Bridesmaids was funny [yeah, i'm going to be a bit of a movie critic now...] but i really liked The Hangover more. They're just two seperate movie venues...

Paranormal Activity 3 scared me.  Creepy little kids and creepy Grandma along with dead mummy and contortionist dead Dennis scared me. I finished sewing my skirt whilst we watched that.

Yes, yes, i felt crafty and actually plopped me arse down and did some things...shortened a vintage skirt i had so that it's right above my knee and made a shirt from an extra XL Hanes tee i had.

New hair, new dress! Dress: Derek Heart

I left school on Friday after class...rockin' the spikes with super girly socks and cardi for a twist on the sweet school girl look. Hair was a little crazy so i threw it up in what i like to think is somewhat resembling a boho look.

Jordan and i ate at a restaurant called Portabella's...mmmm mac and cheese and grilled veggie wrap!! We took dessert home, triple chocolate cake with pb on it, and split it later. Their food is delicious....grilled mushrooms on my wrap, oh my Giddeons!! I absolutely love of my favorite foods.

Friday i spent at my Gramps's house...yays! :)

I was lazy and wore yoga pants until i drove to my sister's work, where i threw on my fading polka dotted skinnies, rolled, with a pink tank, cardi, and spiked shoes.

Today was a cropped tee, high-waisted yoga pant to church in the morning and spending time with my Grammie.

Hoping i can sleep....that movie was creepy. Time to read some Cosmo to distract my over-active imagination from turning that movie into nightmares.

Hobey-ho, happy Easter!

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