Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Battle wounds in unspeakable places

How in the world does one get a bruise on their bum?? From running into a desk....backwards...ow

I was doing so well, too! I had refrained from falling down [or up] any stairs and seemed to have mastered walking on flat surfaces without tripping on invisible objects...goodness, my clumsiness shall slowly, but surely, be returning.

I've been a lazy bum lately. Yesterday's outfit was...what did i even wear yesterday?? Obviously, i don't have the memory of a donkey.

Oh, yeah... this dress!

Pewter bracelet was a prezzie from my mummy :) isn't it just divine? I'm really liking how the quality of this picture came out...

Put your best foot forward. I'm really diggin' the moccasins. They're super comfy and fuzzy with their velvety encasement.

Today was a no pants day simply because i went to the gym and shaved my legs when i showered afterwards. Yays for being motivated! I kicked my butt at the gym. And managed to eat a very healthy lunch....baby steps, baby steps. I'm on the track to being more healthy. Maybe.

That's what you get when you drop your lipgloss whoooa oooh ooh oooh oh!
See what i did there? See? See? i thought it was clever....

I dug out the feather earrings today. I felt so girly and Easter color-y with my purple and pink. So festive...speaking of festive, Jess and i got to color eggs tonight at the dorm social with our RA's! Woot woot. Ours are in our fridge in the little egg holder in the fridge. Yes, our fridge has an egg holder. AND it has the capability of making ice. We have a cute minifridge :)

Accounting exam tomorrow...liabilities, FIFO, LIFO, plant, property, equipment, natural resources, intangibles, interest, annuities, oh my, oh my, oh my.

I've got this...just need to remember a few formulas and equations.

And eat healthy. Yes...that would be a good thing to bear in mind. Healthy lunch, good grades. Motivation....need some sort of method haha

Good night

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