Friday, April 13, 2012

How are you peeling?

This book was awesome in elementary school.

Came across this on Facebook...yes, it's from Facebook, but i found it quite insightful.

"I find it so strange and illogical when people claim that homosexuality is wrong BECAUSE it is UNNATURAL. Mowing your lawn is unnatural. Air conditioning is unnatural. 90% of our food is unnatural. In our modern world, a dude sucking another dude off seems like just about the most natural thing around. Well, that and ignorance."

c/o Jon LaJoie's Facebook page [first link to his website, second to his FB page]

How was your Friday the 13th?

Mine would have been better had my knee stopped bleeding.....well, stopped earlier. It finally stopped! :D

I cut it shaving yesterday and soaked a washcloth and towel....took the bandage off this morning and it started gushing. That's not a good thing. For some reason, my blood would not clot!! It finally stopped, hoo-ra!

Oh, goodness...yesterday was not a good day, albeit a productive one.

Glitter! I put gold on my ring fingers and thumbs and silver on the others.

This was part of my brekkie this morning. Nutrional, i know! I was actually a little lightheaded this morning....hmmm perhaps too much blood loss? Dang cut.

I finally went to the nurse....and i looked a little ridiculous haha. That is the consequence of being a clumsy person. My cut finally scabbed over!

I had a lovely day! .....i just wasn't very amused haha. Had two exams. Can you see my enthusiasm for the day ahead?? Deutsch war nicht so schlect, but macro...i kept second-guessing myself. Some nerves are good, right? I find a little bit of nerves to be a good sign, but too much....not so much.

I may be a little grumpy pants tonight because i have so much work piling up from the past two days, especially today. Merde.

Buuuuuuuuuut "21 Jump Street" is hysterical. Definitely recommend it! :)

Have a lovel-E night...i'm about ready to fall over. Sleepy bunny.

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