Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Accessories galore

I used a shoe clip as a nice accent on my belt....and it jumped off when i left lunch and snapped! :(

Super glue to the rescue! Super glue is awesome. Yes, it's a pain in the arse to clean off one's fingers [clumsy tendencies...or inclination of not caring about being too careful], but it will fix this....i hope. 

Culmination of metal and silver mixing, oh my! Why not? As long as it's not crazy conflicting, or looks just plain silly/tacky, go for it. I thought they looked pwetty together.

 Girl, look at that body...i work out! Random. I saw the nice line in my leg and got a little excited....beach body, here i come! I'm going to South Carolina for a week this summer and want to look niiiiiiiiice.

It seems like there's so much happening from now til next school year! I swear i'm not bragging....i just become soo excited about these things! Concert on the 21st, All-American Rejects and A Rocket to the Moon on the 24th, Lady Antebellum on May 6, Hot Chelle Rae and The Band Perry in August, the beach later, NYC on April 28, Horseback tour through Gettysburg on April 29....goodness i can't wait!!

So much to do, so much excitement!

I'm excited like a looney little kid haha

Valleyfest meeting soon then out for wings with friends! mmmm wings

Mind your accessories!

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