Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Love like this...

Happy Sibling Day!! Give your goofball brother or sister a hug today!

I was such a goonie kid...and my sister was gorgey as ever. This was sixth grade for me and her first year of college.

Bruise on my arm from wrestling...but the two of us make such an interesting pair.

She took me NYC and my first Broadway play!!

Such a gorgey pair if i do say so myself...which i do. So cliché to say and to add that, but that's what i did. This was just last year....

Two sets of siblings! Chester Street sisters :)

Sixth grade spring dance...she helped me get ready and her friend Sam did my hair :) we've had such fond memories and i must say, she's one of my best friends. Remember how i said it's a good thing to have more than one best friend?? Sometimes one needs more than one...it'd take more than one person to keep me in line. Trust me, my mummy's tried haha

I love my Sissy with all my heart...yes, i gush like a 5 year old.

.....and i could damn near pass for 15 :P

Goodness, what a blistery day.

Back to my routine...my clothes are still setting on the extra bed since i haven't mustered up the energy to hang them. Yet.

Sissy gave me some swag...jewelry. I love her style. My nails look strange. I had gold glittery smothering them in a pretty way. It doesn't sound very pretty at all, and it was a pain in the arse to take off, but it looked lovely. I didn't like the texture, though :/ 

Ready for no pants Wednesday tomorrow!! No....that does not mean going nude. No pants Wednesday is for shorts, skirts, dress, kilt....no pants! Leggings are not pants, but they shouldn't be worn as such either. Leggings and a tunic, ok; leggings with a normal-length shirt, not ok. Cover your tucus.

Have a lovel-E night.

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