Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tree hugger hugs trees.

I find it ironic that for English class i wrote at least 2 pages per chapter for a journal entry for a book on conservation and recycling and saving the planet...there were 23 chapters, equating to at least 46 pages. Goodness...killing trees to write about killing trees. Isn't there something wrong with this picture??

I'm awfully sleepy tonight....

I had a lovel-E weekend with friends and my roommate! Jess and i rearranged the furniture in our room and it just seems oh-so-cozy. I was a lazy bum today and chilled in a belted checked button-up and black shorts and some strappy sandals.

I'm ready for Easter break so i can swap out my winter clothes for summery fun stuff! Not that i don't love winter...great time for layering :D  oh, sandals...i have miiiiiissed you.

I'm a sleepy bunny.

Good night, fashionist[a/o]s.

*UPDATE: found out in class on Monday that I needn't have written so much....i feel like a terrible tree killing person.

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