Friday, April 20, 2012

Valleyfest part 1 a few short hours i'll be up setting up for more fun Valleyfest events.

I feel as though i had a whole monologue semi-prepared in the that i'm here, well, it's gone up in smoke.

But tonight i had the chance to meet Ross Matthews and it was awesome. His bestie loved my Pok├ęball nails btw. That's with what i'm starting... English sounds so silly sometimes when prepositions are used correctly. We're so used to speaking incorrectly :/

Don't we look adorable? Someone asked during the Q&A if he would be their gay husband, or gusband. Do you think he'd be mine?

P.S. i like his eyebrows.


Striped seemed too busy with Lovely's AE button-up. And my eyebrows look red in the next pic.

Finished it up with a studded belt.

Put on my Valleyfest shirt...not a t-shirt person but supporting my group. Tomorrow's attire involves a camouflage orange staff t-shirt. Sexy? Not particularly...but rocking my Pok├ęball nails and some striped shorts ;)

<insert expletive> I'm not sure what exactly is so appealing about it....random thoughts floating around my head.

Time to hit the hay soon....sleepy bunny....

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