Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Eve 2012

It's been a good year...

As the clich├ęd saying goes: out with the old and in with the new.

Cleaned out old papers and tests and such that I haven't touched in years... purged the undercavity of my bed and found a book I could sell...for a little more than $88. Boo-ya! I love little gems like this...I received this textbook au gratis somewhere along the lines...but now its profits shall go towards more textbooks. Meh.

The detriments [to the wallet] of being a student....textbooks are ridiculously expensive!

Buuuut....came across a paper I had written in 12th grade in my soc class. It's entitled: Sociological Imagination Opinion Response #1. Sounds pretty legit, right? haha

"As Shrek could relate, I am like an onion, an onion with many layers, many of which may never see the sunlight. Part of me is still finding out who I am; I'm nhot looking for where I belong, because I do not wish to belong anywhere, but more or less what is relevant [?].

There are so many students in the high school whose goal is to fit in.  And I ask myself, WHY?! I don't feel the need to change who I am to fit in; nor do I want to fit in with the likes of most students.  I don't see myself as snobbish or superior and almighty, but I feel almost trapped by my age. Age is but a number but it is still a confinement--it restricts. There is so much drama within these walls and it's difficult to relate to this petty nonsense (not that I'd want to, but point being...).

For the most part, I'd rather be a loner at school. I'm not saying I don't have friends, because I have plenty, but I find solace in this school when I'm left to my own devices, so to speak. I like to get my work done rather than procrastinate as seniors tend to do.
I consider myself a bit of a weirdo and I like that...I don't feel the need to impress everyone because my actions and achievements do that on their own. I work hard for myself; I'm not selfish, but I've become more self-aware and self-oriented in that I don't care what peers think of me. I've been so much happier. 
 For now I'm counting down the days until I graduate and leave these children behind...
It's always interesting to find old things such as this...

It's ok to be different. Make a New Year's resolution for change...but do it for you.

Perhaps that is the connection I'm trying to make...change can be a good thing; it's highly encouraged at times, but do it for yourself. Don't change for some boy or because some mean girl from school cyber-bullies you on Facebook.

In truth, I find that we are our own worst enemies. Why give someone else as much control? Life already has enough challenges, both good and bad, to overcome.

Have a wonderful New Year's Eve celebration and let's bring this new year in with some flair and a better perspective on ourselves. Celebrate the self and be happy you're you.

Vest: Sweater Project [faux fur]; simple white tee: Faded Glory; jeggings: AE, all gifts from Mum
Occasional treats are recommended in order to stick to a diet. 4lbs lost since beginning of break! Healthy eating ftw!

Earrings: sterling silver with blue Topaz, gift from Fajer

"recycling" 50s-inspired shoes from my senior Elvis band show

Getting ready for tonight!
*Hair tip: hot rollers are the way to go for niiiiice wavy curls and to avoid the dreaded 19th century sausage curl. Remember to separate curls. It looks ridiculous, ladies, when there are big sausages dangling from one's head...

Friday, December 28, 2012

Final Friday Favorites of 2012

Tis Friday at last....although I haven't much about which to complain; it's been a fairly smooth week without conventional work. Just busy busy busy with the holidays and shoveling. I honestly love shoveling. It's a great workout and for somre reason, I just like doing it.....strange.
It's the last Friday of 2012 [as indicated by the post title] and only a few days until the new year....what will you be doing for New Year's Eve?? How 'bout watching the movie? Fun movie, along with Valentine's Day [even though I don't celebrate that terribly commercialized holiday but enough on that].

Hmmm...perhaps it should be the favorites of the year:

  • Going to the beach with Lovely

  • My sissy being with me all the way
Xmas 2012 Photo by Mummy

    • Lady A, Darius Rucker, and Thompson Square concert!

  • Being accepted into the Kingston University in London for study abroad
Cheesy American stereotypical London pic c/o Google images
  • Beautiful Tiffany's ring from my Nana

  • Alumni band
  • All-American Rejects and A Rocket to the Moon concert

  • Valleyfest!

  • Discovering Tard the grumpy cat

  • Not to appear self-centered, but my birthday makes the list despite the raging storm on that day. Being surrounded by friends, what could be a better way of spending the day indoors?

  • Horseback riding tour in Gettysburg
Photography by Logan Kurtek

  • Riding a camel at the Philly Zoo
Photography by Justin Roth

  • NeverShoutNever concert

  • The other concerts with Lovely...Warped Tour in Buffalo, The Band Perry, Hot Chelle Rae

  • Winter Formal 2012: An International Affair

  • Halloween time spent with Lovely

  • Chewbacca hat!

I felt so modern with my outfit yesterday....Mia2 boots [gift from Nana for 19th bday], PacSun tights [gift from Lovely], H&M skirt, Express sweater [gift from Sissy], handmade bracelet [gift from Mum], Tiffany's ring [gift from Nana], and Chewie hat [gift from Lovely].

Tonight my bestie and I are totally geeking out by having a sleepover, exchanging prezzies, and having a LOTR trilogy marathon! Woot woot! Let the nostalgia begin with the Heidi and Jill sleepover traditions :)

I believe one is never too old for sleepovers with one's bestie.

Now...debating on whether or not I should get out of bed yet....

Friday, December 21, 2012

Xmas Friday Favorites

This post has been in the works for a while...finally home for a little while and glad, too. Hmm I'm missing sleep, though. 

  • Finding old pics on my camera that I've yet to upload...

  • Dragonite!
Oh yeah....Xmas...

  • Prezzies all wrapped

  • Picking out a dress for Xmas dinner

  • Seeing one of my favorite Grammie
Here are some of my favs: Charlotte Russe, American Eagle, Forever21, and Gap
My team! I miss it...sometimes, I really do. It was tough, but...not sure how exactly to explain it. Wrestling was worth it. It pushed me.
  • boots and booties and booty [just kidding about the last]

  • Festive nails

  • Hats

Happy holidays, lovely readers!

Here is a kitty you can enjoy:

Onto the highway and through some towns, to Nana's house we go....tomorrow.

Naturally, I'm not packed yet. I love traveling but packing is not high on my enjoyment list. I know what I'm packing...just a matter of doing so.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It came upon a midnight clear

I absolutely love this version...her

Hello, hello! No, I'm not buried in the backyard...goodness, it's been over a week. I'm sorry it's been so long! I had every intention of doing a finals' week that seems rather much like an oxymoron. But Mummy sent goodies for finals!! Fat chex and hot chocolate mix nom nom nom

I made it home Saturday afternoon and saw Lovely for a short time while we ate buffalo chicken dip with a TON of hot sauce, just the way I like it...then he had to go to work :/  on the brightside, I went to my Grammie's house and visited with her and my Sissy :)

Hmmm I do have some outfit pics somewhere...."somewhere" being wherever my camera is....

I do have a few rather lovely pics to share on my phone, though.

I'm off to snuggle in bed with Yoda, Chewie, and my stuffed cat and hippo. It's always a party of stuffed friends in my bed when I'm home. Curling up to Anna Karinina on my Kindle....