Friday, December 28, 2012

Final Friday Favorites of 2012

Tis Friday at last....although I haven't much about which to complain; it's been a fairly smooth week without conventional work. Just busy busy busy with the holidays and shoveling. I honestly love shoveling. It's a great workout and for somre reason, I just like doing it.....strange.
It's the last Friday of 2012 [as indicated by the post title] and only a few days until the new year....what will you be doing for New Year's Eve?? How 'bout watching the movie? Fun movie, along with Valentine's Day [even though I don't celebrate that terribly commercialized holiday but enough on that].

Hmmm...perhaps it should be the favorites of the year:

  • Going to the beach with Lovely

  • My sissy being with me all the way
Xmas 2012 Photo by Mummy

    • Lady A, Darius Rucker, and Thompson Square concert!

  • Being accepted into the Kingston University in London for study abroad
Cheesy American stereotypical London pic c/o Google images
  • Beautiful Tiffany's ring from my Nana

  • Alumni band
  • All-American Rejects and A Rocket to the Moon concert

  • Valleyfest!

  • Discovering Tard the grumpy cat

  • Not to appear self-centered, but my birthday makes the list despite the raging storm on that day. Being surrounded by friends, what could be a better way of spending the day indoors?

  • Horseback riding tour in Gettysburg
Photography by Logan Kurtek

  • Riding a camel at the Philly Zoo
Photography by Justin Roth

  • NeverShoutNever concert

  • The other concerts with Lovely...Warped Tour in Buffalo, The Band Perry, Hot Chelle Rae

  • Winter Formal 2012: An International Affair

  • Halloween time spent with Lovely

  • Chewbacca hat!

I felt so modern with my outfit yesterday....Mia2 boots [gift from Nana for 19th bday], PacSun tights [gift from Lovely], H&M skirt, Express sweater [gift from Sissy], handmade bracelet [gift from Mum], Tiffany's ring [gift from Nana], and Chewie hat [gift from Lovely].

Tonight my bestie and I are totally geeking out by having a sleepover, exchanging prezzies, and having a LOTR trilogy marathon! Woot woot! Let the nostalgia begin with the Heidi and Jill sleepover traditions :)

I believe one is never too old for sleepovers with one's bestie.

Now...debating on whether or not I should get out of bed yet....

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  1. looks like the year 2012 was great for u! :) Lovely blog and nice photos <3

    Do you want to follow each other? :)

    - happy new year ♥