Friday, December 21, 2012

Xmas Friday Favorites

This post has been in the works for a while...finally home for a little while and glad, too. Hmm I'm missing sleep, though. 

  • Finding old pics on my camera that I've yet to upload...

  • Dragonite!
Oh yeah....Xmas...

  • Prezzies all wrapped

  • Picking out a dress for Xmas dinner

  • Seeing one of my favorite Grammie
Here are some of my favs: Charlotte Russe, American Eagle, Forever21, and Gap
My team! I miss it...sometimes, I really do. It was tough, but...not sure how exactly to explain it. Wrestling was worth it. It pushed me.
  • boots and booties and booty [just kidding about the last]

  • Festive nails

  • Hats

Happy holidays, lovely readers!

Here is a kitty you can enjoy:

Onto the highway and through some towns, to Nana's house we go....tomorrow.

Naturally, I'm not packed yet. I love traveling but packing is not high on my enjoyment list. I know what I'm packing...just a matter of doing so.

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