Wednesday, April 25, 2012

All my loves in one week....

Lovely and i went to Chameleon Club last night to see A Rocket to the Moon and The All-American Rejects :)  ever have that giddy feeling when you meet some of your favorite bands?? Ooooh my, oh my, oh my. I was giddy all day and soo excited for the concert and was jumping around all day, all jittery, waiting for Lovely to come and pick me up!

The show was great! I'll upload some videos later...i'm a sleepy bunny...again.

After being pushed and shoved during the concert [mean crazy girls! We're all excited!!], we had the chance to meet and greet with A Rocket to the Moon! Whirlwind of autographs and guitar-pick tosses and pics....Eric liked my Steve Maddens! Wooo! We talked about Steve Madden shoes....

From left, clockwise: Eric Halvorsen and me; Andrew Cook and me; Justin Richards and me; and Andrew Cook and Lovely

A lady had an extra wristband to meet the All-American Rejects so i stood in line and had the chance to meet them!

A bit overboard on the pics maybe......Nick Wheeler kept looking at me whilst i was waiting in line alone :) ....poor Lovely was booted out because he did not have a wristband and told the security guard to make sure i didn't leave the line because i didn't want to meet them without him. They're one of his favorite bands!

Tyson was really chill and loved my roommate leaf ring! Oh my, so giddy just retelling haha. I got hugs from them! Soooo made my night haha. I went down the stairs [walking, not running, because i'm a total klutz] and jumped into Lovely's arms.

I was such a girl when i got into the car....i started crying!

The attire for the night....mainly b&w
Lovely rust-cowprint truck in downtown Lancaster.
Lovely backed up down the street so i could capture its magnificence.
Thoroughly impressed by my quesadilla!
I like my quesadillas made with loving care.

But we have matching shirts now :)

My picks! haha. I was decked out with my A Rocket to the Moon tee and All-American Rejects wristband and glitter nail polish.

Today was a wonderful day.

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