Friday, March 30, 2012

The Wonderful Pigs of Jillian Jiggs

Have you ever read that awesome book? I used to think it was sooo cool, especially since the main character shared my name. Although...I really didn't like my name haha i was a rebel child and started abbreviating my name in first grade.  College rolled around and since my full name is Jillian, most people at school call me such.  Strange, it doesn't bother me anymore.  Maybe that name is rubbing on me....i must admit i do love the definition.

Urban dictionary is hilarious.

I was a bun Wednesday and did not bother taking pics...mental exhaustion, please heal tonight.  In correlation with no-pants Wednesday, i did not, in fact, wear pants.  Shorts are not pants.  Sequin shorts with tights and a pink tunic.

Thursday's look....

Cleavage Thursday done right. Not too much, just enough. Always something to which to look forward....

Today....was Relay for Life! I fixed my hair and just pulled the sides back after these pics. Changed into swimming tee for Relay at 3. body always looks so oddly proportioned. Yes, i've been told i'm shaped like a Barbie :(  not nice...but i guess the truth hurts ha. I love laughing at myself...goodness, how i laugh at myself when i'm a sleepy panda bear.

Spiky shoes make me smile :D ...alliteration!

Relay for Life was fun...and for a great cause.  I participated in the dodgeball game [our team lost :( but i was the last (wo)man standing on our team :) ] and got 2nd in the wing eating contest [ate 20 wings in 5 mins as compared to 1st place, which ate 27 in 5 mins].  My belly is quite full....but man, do i love hott wings!! I proudly showed those boys haha but i was also very hungry.

For someone relatively small, i can pack it away like it's nobody's business!

Rambling...brain is shutting down for the night...

Au revoir, mes petits! Gute Nacht, Lieben!

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