Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Peanut Butter and Red Velvet

Such a busy busy weekend past few days!! I realized that in the past few days, Sunday was the only one actually a part of the weekend....on spring break, every day is the weekend!

Apologizing in advance for all of les photos de moi....this is the result of being busy without really doing all that much and not updating daily! Perhaps a lot of pics is a good thing, though...

Mum and I did a bit of shopping and errand running...new dress and hairclips and a swimsuit top! All the more incentive to get my lazy bum back into proper shape. I couldn't find the other black glove in the glove bin...and the others did not match at all so i opted for the PowerPuff Girl gloves. Totally awesome :)

Blazer: AE; shirt: International Spy Museum apparel; jeggings: AE; shoes: Forever 21

Pink streak from Breast Cancer Awareness month still noticeable!

Presenting....my new haircolor! The color streak had been the only hair dye I'd had in my hair. It looks a bit purple-y in the pics, but it's a vibrant dark red! Soooo excited! I can't help but gush about how much i love the color!

This chubby sweetheart is Keiko the cat. He and Ted don't get along very well...but they're both cute in their own way. Oh, Keiko, how i've missed you.

Lovely in his cardi and Ted being...Ted

Yesterday was a bit of a lazy day....threw on some skinnies with a blue babydoll tank that was hidden in my closet and my yellow cardi. Ever have those newer things that you just wear and wear and wear?? That seems to be my cardi...because it's a great color and because i don't have any other cardis here.

Lookin' fierce in Lovely's jacket and my aviators
Tank: Aerie

Who said redheads can't wear red?? They compliment one another juuuuust fine. Pop of color sur mes lèvres look très chic avec la chemise de Lovely.
side note: I want to learn more French!!! I've only had minimal exposure...next year i shall hopefully be taking two languages! (continuing mit Deutsch and beginning avec plus de Français.

anyone else notice that my panta picture is severely crooked?? maybe now you do lol

This was my Gramps's guitar....i'm attempting to recover my lost guitar skills. I love just strumming away and playing old favorites despite being below mediocre level at this point.

Shirt: Hurley; shorts: Old Navy; tights: Betsey Johnson

Oh, what a night. Yes, yes, it doesn't seem like i've done much....but it's been an interesting day. I didn't bother putting on shoes since the only time i wore any was when i went outside for the mail.

Tomorrow is Mummy's birthday!!! And Heidi Ho is spending the night...and Lovely and i may be going for a photoshoot outside in the potentially gorgey weather!

Hello, 60s and sunshine!

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