Thursday, March 1, 2012

happiness by numbers

I'm often questioned on my partiality to sad songs and rather not-so-uppity themes about which I write in my hidden poems...hmmm I'm a happy person. I simply love sad songs in when I'm tickled pink. Some are simply very catchy....

For love songs, see Eminem.

Oh poo, I hate it when this happens. I find myself formulating ideas, thoughts, things I may want to discuss on here, and then as soon as I sit down to type, my brain is overcome with a billion other thoughts and I simply cannot remember or it just sounds cheesy. What a pain.

Today is Thursday, though, and I simply love love love Thursdays! Sorry if i seem repetitive when i'm always going on and on and on about Thursdays...they're just lovely days. It's a bit nippy noodles out, but other than that, a fairly nice day.

I didn't think my headband was visible, so i was trying to push it out. I think it can be seen now...

I'm really loving my socks...thank you, Sissy! Pairing them with my b&w Steve Maddens....again.

Mon éléphant. I've had this necklace hidden for a little while....

Katie had a French test reminded me how much I miss French independent study class from senior year with Frau/Madam.

I'm off to dinner now and then some more studying for accounting....3 more classes til break! Then the 3 hour trek home. Why must it be a 3?? I'm not an overly big fan of that number. There's something about it...but maybe I'm just a weirdie haha

Today is Ronald Weasley's birthday.

Hug your red-headed bestie today!

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