Friday, March 9, 2012

Sooo meaty!

Currently watching The Soup with my Sissy...ooooh how i love Joel McHale. In my Sissy's words: he's such an asshole but he's so funny.

My thoughts exact.

Jordan (my Sissy) and i ran some errands today and then visited Grammie. And now we're awaiting baked spaghetti for dinner! mmmmm real food...aka not school food.

It snowed today but that didn't deter me from only wearing a blazer as a jacket. I don't usually dress for the weather. I see it as my discomfort if i'm not warm/cool enough and it doesn't really affect others. Please don't take that as me being a snot about it! Simply seeing it in the logical sense...dang eyeball. Fleck of something (most likely mascara ugh) in my eye! :(

Necklace: my Nana's; t-shirt: men's fruit of the loom; jeggings: AE (i'm totally loving them...);
shoes: from last year's band show

I have so many bags that don't get shown since i put everything in my jacket pockets at i wanted to show my nails, too. No, they're not that impressive since i'm rather mediocre at nails, but they look so pwetty! Sissy brought me new nail polish.

Threw on a necklace i hadn't worn in a while....statement jewelry is fun against basics.

Time to give my undivided (loosely used here) attention back to The Soup and Joel McHale...

Enjoy the rest of your Friday evening!

Dear baked spaghetti: Get. In. My. Belly.

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