Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Happy birthday to my lovely roommate, Jess! She turned 19 today!! We had a nice little birthday party for her last night :)

These were some of our roomie pics from Dutchmen Day. I hope she had a lovel-E day today despite the weather being quite nippy noodles.

Today is also Gregory's birthday...happy birthday, Gregria! I'm sure you're having a blast up there and enjoying all the sun while we freeze our bottoms off down here on the chilly planet. You're forever loved and missed, little owl. I wore those penny earrings today...the ones you made in 2003.

I remembered i had forgotten to post yesterday's outfits...sorry :/

I went for a bit of a boho style...i think lol. I just threw some clothes on and some accessories.

I love my awesome Nine West old lady loafers :)

Mmmmm these were amazing....i made mini no-bake oreo cheesecakes! They turned out pretty well. I thirded the recipe since it makes 36 and altered the amounts a bit...less cream cheese was a good call.

Rolled skinnies seems to be my go-to lately...ooooooooh so excited!

I found out Harry Potter is now available on Kindle! Isn't that exciting?? I love Harry Potter....i really want the Wizards' Collection...mummy? ;)

But that can wait....just as i'm waiting for a shower. Why must girls line up their shower caddy for the shower?? Really?? Why??


In the meantime, if you've finished the Hunger Games and want something to read, read this! No...it's nothing even remotely close to the Hunger Games, but it'll be a great read nonetheless. I haven't gotten my hands on it yet...perhaps over break?  *Mummy!! I would love to have a copy of Nana's new book!*

sigh....off to shower as i listen to girls screaming from their rooms. Such a noisy Tuesday night....

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