Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pinterest Addict

Yes, yes, i've joined the Pinterest craze! Jordan invited me on Saturday and i've been going at it since! I'm not an expert by any means....especially since i wasn't even sure what exactly the heck the thing was til i joined buuut i do love it! Although, it made me change my Facebook to Timeline version...le grrrrr. No matter...i'll do it for you, Pinterest!

The past couple days have been busy...i promise i haven't been on Pinterest the whole time! I came back to school on Sunday after church and then had a meeting and realized i had some reading and other homework i had forgotten to do on break!

But...this was what i wore to church on Sunday!

Cardi: Forever 21; dress: Hot Topic; leggings (borrowed from Jordan): Aerie; sandals(!): Old Navy

Jordan and i went with Fajer to his and Mum's church to watch/listen to her play handbells and accompany the senior choir with her flute. Soo pretty. Then we booked it to Jordan's church for the service and went home for some delish lunch. Mmmmmm

We then were total girls and i painted our nails whilst we watched America's Next Top Model: British Invasion! I love love love that show.

Oh goodness, it was simply so beautiful outside yesterday! Buuut i was back to having English class so i was inside til 4pm bleh. Twas a bit chilly in the morning, hence the tights but those came off when i got back to the room so they could enjoy the spring air.

Cardi: Land's End; skirt: American Rag; tights: Worthington; flats: Old Navy

The highlight of my day was finally receiving my spiked shoes in the mail!!! I was getting antsy....i saw Alyssa from the ordinary peoples wearing them and fell in love with the BA things! Plus free international shipping is pretty flippin' sweet.

Brrrrr tis chilly in my room now but must get my bum to the gym at some point before showerlunchclass. Mushed together because that's usually how it goes...

I was highly ambitious yesterday so i'm down to only a few macro problems and my English presentation to do for today! I feel accomplished...school fever. What has gotten into me?? haha

Have a lovely day today and enjoy the fresh air!

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