Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I'm not that girl

I absolutely love this song from Wicked....

But that is not why i'm choosing to update...again. I know, i'm absent for a few days and update twice in one day! Sorry...

Ever have those thoughts you want to put down and they make completely logical sense and sound truly ground-moving/marvelous/insightful/<insert other nice word> but when they're shared they make you sound like an idiot or just a bitchy person. Hmm...perhaps this concept in itself is insightful.

Shirt: Vert de Rooe (bought on Eurotrip); tank: OPI; capris: AE; headband: Austrian Claire's

I'm asking myself....what happened to that girl? ...the girl who used to fight for the best grades, never gave up, passionate for all that she did (even those things tried and failed such as knitting, for which i just had no patience for anything larger than a Barbie blanket), full of ideas from an over-active imagination, and full of heart and courage?

I think she's still in there...

I guess sometimes i need to just listen to myself. I say to never let go of your inner child yet i seem to have lost mine at the mall so to speak.

Young lady, get back here!

Yes, i'm being silly....but i guess what i'm saying is to remember how adament you were long ago...when adulthood seemed like such a mystery...when you knew working your ass off was the way to an A on that spelling test so you could compromise with your 'rents to let you do something...

Flats: Nine West

Take that devotion to life and feed your curiosity. Let your imagination loose. Make a bucket list and do those things you wanted to do when you were little (within reason, of course!!).

Be happy with yourself again. We're honestly our worst enemy sometimes...too hard on ourselves...well, i know i am and i can't be the only one!

Buy these awesome PokéBadges and be like Ash Ketchum.

That seems like so much!

But....tomorrow is going to be beautiful! Breaking out the new shoes!

*Update: this is monumental....i did not burn my popcorn(!) I can cook....but popcorn is a tricky bugger.

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