Saturday, March 3, 2012

Rheuben and florals

Yesterday I made the trek home....I was just too pooped to update! I came home, unloaded my car, dragging everything in during the rain grumble grumble, ate some real food (aka delish homemade tacos!!), and started unpacking/cleaning up my room before Kurtis came to visit. phew

I accidently slept through my alarm Thursday I was subconsciously paranoid I would miss my Friday morning alarm. How does my brain react?? It woke me up at 7....and then every consecutive 10 mins after that until my 8:20 alarm. Oh, my...thank goodness I had a Monster in the fridge! I rarely drink energy this one really reacted with me. I was sooo hyper, I could hardly contain myself in Deutschklasse.

I was ready for class after this....

Today we had our annual brunch to jointly celebrate Mummy and Nana's birthdays! They're two days apart so we always have a get together to celebrate! Nana, Gramps, and my cousins, Emily and Olivia, came here to celebrate....

We had a great time! Went to eat....Fajer had the rheuben :P  Meatball sub was delish! Then we went back to my house and the girlies and I played around with my guitars and sang.

My Mummy's good friend makes amazing cakes!

New dress...Material Girl

Betsey Johnson tights; Forever 21 cardi; bandfront shoes from last year's show

Kurtis Billings....texts me a lot :)

No, I'm not conceited....but I really do love these pics!

I'm feeling better about myself...I ran 2 1/2 miles this morning! I felt gooooood. Along with my crunches...i love doing crunches in the morning. It feels awesome.

This is bad. Perhaps it is because i'm home, but i seem to be tired at such early hours :(

I'm off to work on ethics paper before hitting my lovely bed sheets...oh, how i've missed my bed! ....which Olivia told me was small. A twin size bed fits juuuuust right for one! I'm a snuggler anyways so Mr. Hippy and i don't need much space.

Good night, lovelies. I'm hoping to get a photoshoot in with the Lovely this week.

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