Thursday, March 8, 2012

Stranded in the downpour...

Yesterday was absolutely gorgey out!!
Twas also my beautiful Mummy's birthday!
She had a lovely day...and i had a lovely day with the Lovely.

Whilst Mum was enjoying goodies at work for her birfday, Lovely and i walked to a little café downtown for lunch, running into a few people we knew. Then we headed to the park for a few pictures....such a beautiful day for a walk.

Lovely looks ever so ravishing in his cardi! Cardis look so nice on shows they've put some effort into their look without really trying. In other words, it pulls it together niiiiiiiiiiiicely.

And i simply love cardis. So. Damn. Comfy.

The look is priceless. Hands down, favorite pic of the day.

Dress: AE; belt: taken off of a dress from closet; shoes: Old Navy; purse: Liz Claiborne [Liz Claiborne turquoise wallet, too:)]

My Mum was right....a little lipstick adds a nice pop of color. I've started wearing it more often. I told Lovely about the proper procedure my Sissy taught me...chapstick, lipstick, blot, lipgloss.

I'm not very good at makeup, usually sticking with basics, but i think i have the lips down pat.

The wind started blowing....Lovely gave me his cardi to keep me warm.

I'm not one to take off my heels....but i love walking in the grass! ...and i realized now i had underestimated the walk and however adorable, these shoes weren't made for walkin'

We took a shortcut home....across the field over which i had walked so many times in childhood to and from the community pool.

Have you ever listened to Young the Giant?? Love, love, love! I'll leave you with this as i go read for English. It's pouring out and seems like a good day to snuggle that i've read Mockingjay, i must stop procrastinating on reading View from Lazy Point :(

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