Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunshine, daisy, buttermellow

.....turn that stupid fat rat yellow!

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was on ABC Family today! Yes, i know, i know, that line is from Sorcerer's Stone, but the sunshine outside is sooo pretty and yesterday in Baltimore was absolutely gorgey!

Pics pics pics!

We painted our nails to be festive (Mum loves that word). And wore our matching leaf rings from Aldo.

...aka bookworm heaven

Jess's delish cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory

....and mine in a massive container


Sitting on the pier at Inner was so beautiful outside! 

I found a picture of a penguin in the aquarium and thought of my Sissy...

The lighting inside the aquarium wasn't the best for camera...i didn't like having the nasty flash in my pics! But the blurred edges fit the angler fish quite well. They are rather scary...

Bottle-nose dolphin show! Yes, it was catered towards 5 yr olds...but i loved it nonetheless! Dolphins are such graceful creatures.

Jess, Nicole, and me...oh, i miss it already! I love taking mini breaks from school...i can't wait to travel more.

We were quite sad to leave....the day had been wonderful!

Now for the anecdote of the day...we were leaving the aquarium and a lady said: "pull down your skirt, your undies are hanging out." I turned around, mortified, because i had just been wondering if anyone could see up my skirt on the escalator (random thoughts when one wears a skirt).  The lady had been speaking to her little girl....hahaha it seems silly now but it was funny/embarrassing all at the same time. Naturally, my friends laughed at me.

And so ended the Baltimore trip...wah.
Danced it up at the UG and made new friends last night! Hoooooo-ra to being a social butterfly!

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