Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sunshine without a tan

I was able to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful sunshine today!

It was absolutely gorgey outside today...i had class at 10, did some homework and enjoyed a nice lunch and made some new friends, class til 4, and stayed outside for a while with friends, doing homework and having a lovely time.  Twas a busy day....classes and a meeting and a speaker presentation, oh my! Hopefully tomorrow shall be a little less crazy.

Spiked shoes came out today! They were a hit....albeit i don't think anyone would want to be hit with them...

I love my new shoes!! :) Every girl needs a pair of scary shoes to keep away scary boys....just kidding. They are pretty BA, though, i must admit.

"I choose you, Pikachu!" I originally had on my elephant necklace but opted for Pikachu...haven't worn it in a while.

Did anyone else play Pokémon Yellow?? I always found it so annoying when Pikachu would follow me places!! I'm not sure why....maybe because he was such a grumpy pants until about halfway through the game and his moods fluctuated after all. I always like Charizard and Dragonite. Blaziken is pretty sweet, but that's generation 3.

I'm on an indie kick atm...but i really like this song. My friend sang it in the talent show her senior year of high school a few years pretty on uke!

And i like the doesn't matter whom you love. I'm not a hippie (and i'm not dissing them either, i promise!!) but isn't love supposedly universal? It doesn't segregate based upon race, age, or orientation.

That's my speel for the night. Enjoy Ingrid Michaelson's pretty voice and have a lovely night. I'm off to bed with Mr. Hippy and Harry the stuffed cat. Yes, i sleep with stuffed animals. I sleep better clutching things to me...

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