Thursday, March 8, 2012

Crime and Punishment

I had to read this Tolstoy novel the summer before senior year...blah

Today was one of those days where i wear something around the house, only venturing outside for the mail. Seems to be the norm for break...

Heidi Ho and i had a nice sleepover, watching the hilarious What's Your Number with Anna Faris and Changed Up with Jason Batemen and Ryan Reynolds. The former was hysterical; the latter was funny at times but i found rather cliché with the whole change-up storyline....still fun movies to rent.

I made brekkie for us and Heidi Ho left so i played piano for a while before Lovely came over to listen before we took a much needed nap.

Tank: Strawberry; shorts: Old Navy (my sister hates these shorts!); tights: Worthington

I kept it simple with the jewelry...just my basic daily bracelets and my diamond studs. I like wearing my nice jewelry when i'm home since i leave most of the behind when i go to school.

My poor tootsies are still recuperating from walk yesterday....but luckily, my sneakers are well padded so late night workout wasn't too painful on them. I can't say i loving working out per se, but i do love the endorphins from doing so...pushing my body to become stronger and challenge itself.

As my wrestling coach used to say:
"The human body can withstand 100x the human mind will ever let it."
    -Jeff Aveni

A bubble bath was a niiiiiiiiiice way to end the night. Time for a bit of shut-eye before morning workout. A few days late...but i'm back on track.

So i say to you: get out there, be your own motivator, and reach your goals!

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