Monday, August 1, 2011


Another great night with Lovely...watched the fair parade just long enough to watch my friends then off for some wontons and eggrolls from Main Won!

Pitstop at Dairy Queen for milkshakes :)

I must say, Lovely sure has a nice sense of style...such a sweetheart. Hoping we'll be able to see one another often despite the distance...

 Not too shabby looking today....cute dress and belt (belts are becoming almost a signature of mine, I swear!)

L.S.K. fashion dress, Old Navy belt, Steve Madden flats
 Found this awesome dress in some little boutique whilst on the Eurotrip last summer...can't quite recall the name of the place or the town...or even the country...but plan on going to Europe again sometime soon.
I think it's about time I leave this some place and see the world.

Lovely and Lover
Oh, Teddy...he loves to resist the lovin' he obviously loves so much. This pic doesn't show his claws out...hmmm...

Bis sp├Ąter!

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