Friday, February 1, 2013

February Friday Favorites

Punxsutawney Phil and Groundhog's Day.

Just kidding. Just because I grew up close to Punxy, does not mean I'm a big fan of this stupid holiday.

Buuuut today is Friday. I'm fairly content with today's events.

  • Pitch Perfect....more importantly, Fat Amy aka Fat Patricia
c/o google images
"I know how to Mermaid dance."
  • My German prof saying the word "bitches" because it came up in a Swiss song we were investigating
c/o google images
Bligg combines traditional Swiss language with some English words and Swiss folkstyle dancing/singing

  • I am learning how sounds are made
I have no pictures for this....
  • Lace!
Birthday ready for my Gramps's birthday dinner
  • Lunchables
Turkey and cheddar. Yum.
  • SWEET POTATO FRIES....and my blazer and lip color are the same color.
  • Bright skinnies
c/o google images
Hot Topic skinnies
My legs don't look this lovely....but my skinnies are this bright. I'm quite proud of myself...I'm closer to my fitness goal! My skinnies were rather loose. Yays!
  • These two kitties....major dorks but I love them all the same
Fred and Jack

20 is such an awkward age in the states.....I'm in college so therefore that rather impressive [to some] but yet I'm still in college, so I'm seen as still a student aka child -_-

Heading to bed soon....volunteering to pack medical supplies for AIDS victims in Africa tomorrow morning and then off to my first hockey game at the Giant Center! I've only ever been there for team states for wrestling.

One week until Lovely visits....ooooh I cannot wait. My heart is pitter-pattering like a silly girl in a Jane Austen novel.

Have a lovely start to your week :)

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