Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hershey's Cho-co-late

Ich bin ganz voll auf Schokolade....

Tonight I visited the Hotel Hershey for their chocolate buffet...Mmmmm I'm feeling the after effects of eating too much chocolate. I know, I know. One can never have too much chocolate...but have you ever had so much chocolate for a meal? The only thing besides chocolate was water. And yes, I drank that, too.

Chocolate is an aphrodisiac. I learned about that in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It's quite educational.

Speaking of educational...Lovely taught me binary language this weekend.

My favorite things this week:
  • Lovely coming up
Greeting outfit :)
  • Silver Linings Playbook
Great movie! ....first of three movies of the night; the others were Safety.Not.Guaranteed. and Pitch Perfect.

Today I watched 80s flicks: Weekend at Bernie's, Weekend at Bernie's II, and Sixteen Candles.
  • Classic yoga with Sara
>pretend there is a picture because it would be strange if I had a picture of me doing yoga in yoga pants<
  • Zumba
>ditto for Zumba attire....scary bananas<
  • Sleep.
Yes. Sleep. It's rather delicious.

A cheesy outfit from the week. Braid with a golden bow ommmm

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