Friday, February 22, 2013

Frigid Friday Favorites

Have I already overused this concept of Friday Favorites? I feel as though I've used this particular title before....there are not many 'F' words [that are polite enough for use on this type of blog] to convey yet another rendition of the favorites of the week, particularly Friday.


Now I'm just being silly...

  • This week's Friday favorites brought to you by the letter 'A," as in adorably aching-heart-worthy Ted.

  • And Pretty Little Liars
  • Hot Chocolate at MJ's....2x

  • Chipotle

  • Attempt at the whole button-down under a sweater/sweatshirt theme

  • Awkwardly standing in my coat
This is how I spend my Wednesday nights.

  • And my lovely Boba Fett shirt

  • Pink mascara. FINALLY.
Hard Candy

And now 'tis time to [attempt] to compose a German essay...rough draft shouldn't be too difficult. I got this. Maybe. Full of confidence.

Have a lovely start to your weekend!

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