Friday, February 15, 2013


Today was another grand day....I seem to be on a roll. How can this be? Hmm...well my nails look atrocious [nail polish OCD kicking in about now] so that's a bust.

On the flip-side, V-Day was a very lovely day! The sun was shining, I did not wear pink, but sooo much love! Unfortunately, Lovely could not be here....but I guess I was a little spoiled already since he came up last weekend. It's really been a week!

Some favorites:

  • This slum tank from Aerie and these jeans are super comfy!
Tank: Aerie; skinnies: Hot Topic
  • New black flats!
Pointed black flats: MIA
  • Nerdy roots
Lovely sent this to me today :)
  • I have Bieber least until this temp tat wears off
  • My sweet cousins
  • Princess Magic Shalimar
Nana and I shared a wonderful evening together after I got off work. Great company, good altogether very enjoyable evening :) I think this should be a recurring thing...
  • I had a new Valentine: my friend Sara! We rocked our furs last night on our smoothie date!

GREAT news popped up in my newsfeed today! I love Joe Fresh!
Have a wonderful weekend! Tomorrow I'm off to see Rock of Ages at the Hershey Theatre, but for now...Der goldne Topf awaits....

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