Sunday, February 10, 2013

St. Valentine's Day



Ok, I'm a bit of a cynical when it comes to Valentine's Day since it's overly commercialized. Why does one need one day to symbolize love?? I sympathize with some of the south Indians we saw in a video for international business. It seems silly...and yet, millions, if not billions, are spent on this one shitty day.

But how I do love the movie by this title...

Ok, so I bought a Valentine for Lovely...but only because it had the Avengers on it. He loved it because it has his lover, Iron Man, on it.

My card to Lovely...not for Valentine's Day, but simply just because.
Idea taken from Pinterest.

If you're celebrating this holiday [if the most cynical celebrate, alone or not], here's some advice on prezzies:
   Cheesy and sincere, rather than expensive and cookie-cutter.

My sissy has a great goodie bag from me!

This Valentine's Day I shall be avoiding boys like the plague in case they get any funny ideas. Valentine's Day seems to be 'try-too-damn-hard' day for boys. Running away in between classes as though I'm avoiding Walkers from the Walking Dead.....and going to spend some time with my Nana.

Dinner and chocolate with some great company. That sounds perfect to me.

My distorted hand with girly polish

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