Monday, March 4, 2013

Manly Days

I'm losing my voice and sound like a man....

The joys of being a woman.

And my voice cracked whilst I was jamming in the car on the way to Wally World....concerned.

I'm finally home!! And what a joy it is. I'd like to think I'm being glamorous and having a beautifully swell time, but the truth is, I'm having a swell time and living it up in giant sweatshirts.

Rocking my new Gap from my cousin Janelle
Love it!

Where I'll be in a few months!

This served as my outerwear today....a think sweatshirt and scarf. I'm pretty sure I did the exact same thing on Saturday, minus a scarf, with my [Nana's?] Harvard Law sweatshirt. Great closet finds!

More later.... :)

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