Thursday, March 7, 2013

I'm A Creep.

"Yeah, I'm a weirdo...."
Ingrid Michaelson....mmmm so soothing to the ears.

Today is Mummy's birthday!!!!

Happy birthday to one of the leading ladies in my life!
I'd love to put a cute picture of us together on here but I regret to inform that I would not be able to type for a very long time...she would not be amused sooo I'll simply mention that this special lady is celebrating yet another fabulous year!

How spring break has been going....[besides homework...that's a given]

crafting ideas...already made myself a "LOVE" bracelet

New booties came! Madden Girl

Life of a single woman.
J/k! My oldest and dearest guy friend [ok, that sounds way too formal for him] and I went out to dinner. All I can say is 2 1/2 hours well spent on DQ. My bearded girlfriend and I caught up on life and it was such a lovely time.

Dinner attire

Yesterday I stayed in my pj's until about 3:30 working on a paper. On one of my many breaks, I took a trip down memory lane...sissy and I together.
I used to be cute...what happened?

Such a lady at a young age, I crossed my legs as I slept. Notice the scrape on my knee? I played hard, too. This is one of many sleeping pics...and by far the most normal place where I'm sleeping.

Twas time for a fresh coat.

Seems legit.

I thought this was quite insightful. Found on the We❤It app.

Joy beyond joy...finally bought a bowtie. My sister asked me when I became a waitress when I told her about my purchase... waitress, my ass.
Although I did take a lunch order today....but that was for Mummy's birthday lunch.
So for now, I'm working on homework and waiting for sissy to come home and watching Harry Potter...from start to finish.
Have a lovely Thursday!

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