Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Somewhere in Neverland

New music video from All Time Low!

And Taylor Swift!

I should probably be working on homework right now.....

Faithful and committed...to no pants Wednesday
'twas a tad nippy noodles, but there needs to be one day a week where skirt/dress is mandated, even if it's self-mandated. Fancy Friday has died off...but no pants Wednesday remains. I cannot wait until nicer weather for more dresses comes about.

Happy late St. Patty's Day! I felt like being festive. Shamrock on each thumb with a simply green tip on the other fingies.

Ahhhh, ooooh, the Metropolitan Museum! [side note, I typed that word 3x. Brain is in desperate need of a rest]. Fascinating place! I loved the grand staircase...

Roomie and I in the big cold city!

Dance attire!

This little one is such a heartbreaker....so cute and so far away :(

Our massive dessert from Planet Hollywood! Mmm so yummy

Mmmmm. These look absolutely DELICIOUS.

The gaps of my days were filled with work/homework/sleep [some]/eating/gym...repeat and in various orders... 

How is it the middle of the week already?! Well...tomorrow is, technically.

And I started filling out the form for graduating early. I have 3 semesters left, one of which shall be in London. Wow.

Cheers! Raise your glasses of hot chocolate to the rest of the week and to the future! 

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