Thursday, January 5, 2012


High-waisted pants from yesterday as promised....

Yes, iTunes is up...jamming to Eminem most likely...I cannot help it; I'm obsessed just a tad.

Shirt: Gap; High-waisted pants(suspenders attached): Forever 21
Xmas prezzie from my Mummy! I picked them out, though...she said they were completely "me." haha imagine that...

I look very much like my Mummy in this one...determination, smarts, and looks.

I like the contrast between my hair....super curls and wavy/straight. Didn't go for pin-straight but this is about natural...except for the needed straightening of the weird flippy sections that only starting flipping after my hair was chopped.

T-shirt: Hanes (men's...super comfy!)

Simple pimple. Polka dots with a plain tee and leopard print open-toe flats and jade necklace...the beautiful necklace was a prezzie from my great-aunt and-uncle who went on a trip to China. I wouldn't want to risk it being stolen or lost at school so it hasn't been out in a while...ugh hate having to leave my nice stuff at most likely feels unloved :(

Dug out a few thing I may try wearing more of...I have plenty but it simply slips my mind to slip one on.

New Steve Madden flats! My gold ones are falling apart...they received too much love (is there such a thing?!) and are a bit smelly and have been waterlogged countless times because I insisted on wearing them despite heavy rains...meh.

Sleepy time....

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