Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Goblins and sunshine

Finished through my marathon...watching the special features of Deathly Hallows Pt 2. I'm watching how the Goblins were all done up...pretty ;D

Kurt and I did a photoshoot today...he's pretty at good taking pics and always photographs really well, too!

My heels kept sticking into the ground...wasn't as frozen as I had thought.

Blazer (worn as dress): vintage; tank: Worthington; belt: vintage; tights: no boundaries; socks: Puma; shoes: Aldo

It became a bit nippy noodles outside...

Leaves sticking to my heel :P

Packing my shoes away into their box...

Sour Patch kids make a great snack...unhealthy, yes. Delish as well.

Continuing to watch special features on DH pt 2...Dan and JK Rowling's convo about the films.

The fact that he's only an inch taller than I is quite strange...I guess it's the cliché that everyone looks taller on screen...I no longer feel so short at 5'4" :)

Sleepy still...in pigtails I feel as though I can get away with a nap at 7pm and eat a brownie. Oh, to be a child again and not give a damn about whether or not food is healthy. Time to relive that tonight with that brownie.

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