Wednesday, January 25, 2012

No pants day

I usually forget to mention that it is, in fact, no pants hump day! ...yet again! Well, every Wednesday is hump day...and no pants day...therefore, by deductive reasoning, no pants hump day! Hello, lovely wintery day!

I was listening to iTunes on shuffle this morning...listening to Megara's I Won't Say I'm in Love. I simply love that song! She's one of the few leading ladies (aside from Mulan, who is perhaps my favorite) is not a damsel in distress, albeit she becomes too befuddled by feelings. Oh, Disney.

I'm caught up on Once Upon a Time (show on abc)!
"Love makes us sick, haunts our dreams, destroys our day. Love has killed more than any disease."  -Rumplestiltskin

dress: H&M; pin: Munich airport; tights: Betsey Johnson; brown/gold bracelet: AE; green/brown bracelet: fall festival find; black/green bracelet: from "big brother" Ryan

 This poor belt has seen better days...I love the sequins but due to its being stored on my belt rack on the back of my door for a long time, it's no longer very elastic....solution solved with Deutschlandkarte pin :)

I find it quite puzzling that, being of short stature, I am as clumsy as a gangly teenage pubescent boy, tripping on flat surfaces and running into stationary inanimate objects. I'm slowly turning black and blue! Perhaps I should wear heels more often-I'm generally more graceful and fall down less often in them...

I went for pink on four nails on each hand, random chocolate plum color on my ring fingers....yes, it shall class with the black in my wardrobe, but I can handle not being matchy-matchy haha

Homework night....then workout! What day is it? Oh, yes! Hump day! My favorite day is tomorrow! Hoping I don't fall down on my way to a meeting...but that's not guaranteed.

Hobey Ho!

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