Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I feel a bit cutesy-romantic in pink tights and a dress...albeit not so much in my mind. Sure, I love sweet little gestures, trying to be a little difficult when a guy opens a door for me, hand-written notes over a b&w text, but other times, I just feel quite content being alone in my little world (are we truly alone?).

Since Lovely and I broke up, I've been trying to figure out what I want (besides new shoes since no one can have too many pairs of shoes)....This is me cluing you in: I have no idea what I want! ....except maybe to finish this dang book for English.

Meh. My roommates are at class so I'm alone til my 9 o'clock class, giving me time to think/reflect/stumble about in a half-asleep state getting ready.

Cardi: Land's End; dress: PacSun; necklace: handmade by my friend Melissa; tights: dug out of my closet (that should be a clothing brand); boots: Mia II
When I'm sleepy, I generally ponder and contemplate different things on my mind....hmmmmmmmmmmm hummmmmm

Ich muss auf Deutschklasse gehen! Auf Wiedersehen! :)

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