Sunday, January 1, 2012

First day of the New Year...

Slept through most of today....i was just too darn tired to wake up at a decent hour. But 2pm is morning elsewhere in the world.

Striped top: AE; sequin hot pants: Strawberry; diamond patterned tights: Betsey Johnson

Getting all dolled up for the party....

Naturally pulling weird faces and poses....i simply could not contain myself.

Sleep is goooood....came home, showered, and helped my Mummy clean a bit before cleaning in my own room. I finally found a place for almost all of my shoe boxes! Key word: almost...Colin Stuart over-the-knee boots and 5" Aldo booties shall have to stay out...perhaps behind Cardboard Edward.

I wore my leopard print booties last night as well. I felt so BA although they aren't heels. Dang you, college; you have me wearing "sensibly" heeled shoes. 

A hat find in my closet
 This hat wasn't as nice as the ones with giant bows which my Mummy would make my sister and I wear when we were little...but I think it looks neat even sans bows and frills.

Shirt: AE; sports bra: Champion (logo visible from flash); my favorite leggings: Aerie; booties: Forever 21
Threw this on for a comfy day...I had planned on cleaning out my room a little more. What remains on my bed is the last bit of things to be picked up/put away, etc.

Time for a facemask and the end of Prisoner of Azkaban...I've been on an HP movie marathon.

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