Wednesday, February 1, 2012

No pants February 1st

Happy no pants Wednesday! I hope you had a lovely time enjoying the weather without pants on! I know I did :P  My only jacket was my pink striped blazer...which I only wore about half the day today.

My wool jumper kept me warm.

check out those bruises

A quick glance at my Bing search results has shown that a bruise will heal after about 7-10 days....I'm guessing these may last a bit longer...I feel so BA. Cage fighter. Don't you get that vibe from the jumper and belt?

I actually wrestled in high school so I'm used to bruises...but ouch! Falling up and down stairs is not a good idea. I'm on a 6-day streak of no falling down :)

Girl, look at those bruises.
Girl, look at those bruises.
I fall down!

I'm feeling pretty was a great day, a lovely day. Sure, I received more work to do, but I don't mind it. Doing homework makes me more focused in a way. I'm less likely to be bored. I loathe being's just so, oh so, just so boring. Meh.

I'm in for a nice long sleep tonight!

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