Monday, February 13, 2012

Intimidate, dominate.

I've been contemplating on the label of "intimidating," one that I've been deemed many times by many people. Isn't that a compliment? Isn't it good for people have a sense of awe, respect, slightly pee-your-pants fear?

Hmm...I goof off and joke around, but perhaps the visage of appearing pulled together at all times even when I'm about to explode is intimidating. I'm ok with myself. I realize that perhaps (damn, I say that word a lot) it is a way of compensating with being a woman. Reading books, one often encounters those strong female leads, but many other sniveling and sobbing women. I don't want to be dependent on another; is that so bad?

It's important to be able to separate feelings and reason. I may do that too much...but it's my subconscious (or maybe not so subconscious since I'm aware of it) that is afraid to be seen as frail, weak, a doormat.

Silly fears....I may have a few self-esteem issues (who doesn't?) but I have pride, albeit too much at times, and confidence in abundance. Oh bother...

On a happier note, I love pretty underwear. It's a confidence boost! When you feel like poo or if you've had better days, put pretty undergarments on...they'll make you smile! The little things must be remembered to get us through the day :)

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