Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dancing Alone in Circles

Happy birthday to my gorgey redheaded bestie, Heidi Danielle Peters!!

Heidi and I met in sixth grade and after an embarrassing incident in science class, we became fast friends and have been there for one another ever since! Our initial best friends' circle may have dwindled over the years (goodness, I sound old :P) but we've always stayed true! ....sleepovers and eating at odd hours of the night and bandfront sisters. The memories we share are full of happiness and trying times, but some friends are just inseparable no matter the distance. Happy birthday, dear.

Choir concert...Heidi in her Show Choir uniform

Senior year awards day

Senior Prom

Today has been a somewhat productive day....I woke up late, enjoyed a long brunch (which was more along the lines of lunch since it was so late), finished some homework, and am now watching Pride and Prejudice, the Keira Knightly version, not the BBC version. I feel like such a big kid paying my credit card bill! ....albeit I don't like seeing my bank balance go down. Oh, poo.

It felt like a total skirt that's what I threw on! With whimsical Betsey Johnson heart tights! They complimented the heart-shaped pockets on my skirt very nicely.

I'm procrastinating on my English...I'm not sure why, but I always seem to procrastinate on my English work! It's not exceedingly difficult; in fact, I like writing...i'm very opinionated and love words. Yes, I've confessed my weird love for words and increasing one's vocabulary...I'm weird haha

Learn to laugh at yourself every once in a while and you'll have much happier days :)

Part of me absolutely loves "olden times" such as the setting of Pride and Prejudice....I love the idea of love but acting upon such feelings is scary. Mayhap that was why I loved playing with Barbies so much when I was little...I could make up stories and they could fall in love while I was a passerby of sorts. And oh, did they have drama! I watched too many soap operas with my Mummy back Barbies were so melodramatic.

Well I mustn't hinder my English progress....or rather, I need to start my English now. Hobey ho and have a lovely night!

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