Monday, February 13, 2012

Marvelous, simply marvelous.

Less than two my guy friend keeps telling me, knowing how I feel about tomorrow. Yes, I'm weird....I don't recognize Valentine's Day as a holiday. No, not because of some sob story about being dumped. I feel it's too commercialized....hell, that's the basis of the holiday now.

Ok, ok, enough of that before someone thinks me a cynical person.

Today panned out fairly well. Issues worked themselves out and it's a happier atmosphere.

Decided to go with leggings today...threw on pants and I just wasn't feeling it

Sweater: vintage; tank: AE; belt: Forever 21; leggings: Aerie

New ring! Aldo

Today was a fairly good day...busy, busy, busy. Tomorrow shall hopefully be less so...albeit I have some homework to accomplish and need to get to the gym in the morning before class.

Good night! I'm off to an early sleep.....

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