Monday, February 20, 2012

Broken aviators fixed anew

Sadly, I dropped my sunglasses at work and popped the lens out...but it popped back in place! :) I felt total BA today with them; they complimented the high-waisted pants fairly well.

I love my Forever 21 high-waisted pants! I feel so nerdy and official in them....I like dresspants with some pijazz (sp?)! I like that word....I have a fondness for words. Some are like's neat to mix old and new.

I swear I wasn't trying for the pregnant profile....but I love the suspenders on these pants. I sometimes wish I had a nice flat front so I could wear cool suspenders like a man from the 20s....they were so flashy!

I took this to show that yes, I do have hair! I was lazy....threw it up into a ponytail and the wind kept taking it away. It was a busy day so I didn't notice too much....

Have you ever tried Tostito's spinach dip?? Oh my giddeons, it is delish! I'm giving up sweets and sugary foods (the oh-so-delish, yet oh-so-unhealthy things) for lent. Being a piggy tonight with my choco milkshake and spinach dip with chips :)

We're off to see the wizard....NO....I'm off to read some ethics while you read some other blogs.

I'm singing this in my head right now. I'm sleepy....gym tomorrow. Jess and I swam our goal of 1350 meters tonight! Woot woot! Lifting in the morning before class and work then homework, Deutsch meeting, swim, last chocolate milkshake, work on accounting with a friend, and crash into my bed.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm bed. Have a date with my pillow tonight ;)

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