Monday, February 6, 2012


I read my Macro early today....I read about private investing for the Chunnel, or Channel Tunnel, connecting London to France.
Twas a busy day...but no English class due to conferences. phew. Relaxed and took a nap.

I have pics of yesterday's outfit!

I saw Sissy and my "big brother" yesterday! Super Bowl Party at Billy and Nicole's. FUN :D Naturally, I worked on homework...accounting. But I had to finish my work....meh.

Big brother gave me Boba Fett shirt! I had made him a sweet shirt with a gummi bear holding a gun on it. He loved it.

It was quite lovely need for a jacket. Blazer served's to a continually warm(ish) winter :)

I received two letters in the mail today! Well...a Valentine from my bestie Heidi and a letter from Lovely. Twas nice to receive something hand-written...hand-written notes take more time and effort. Call me old-fashioned buuuuut it's more endearing.

A hint of lipstick to finish it off....sweet arse.

I felt BA today. Probably look better in this last pic than I did in person haha. So be it....Sometimes it's ok for one to think themselves pretty.

Off to bed....sleeping in tomorrow :D

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