Saturday, February 11, 2012

Weekend Getaway

This weekend has been truly great....I feel ever-so-much happier simply being away from campus for the weekend. Friday was a long day...Monday shall be fun as well since it's the same schedule meh :P

But today was a really good day: late homemade brekkie, homework accomplished, and the rest of the afternoon/evening spent shopping! Oh, how I love shopping...and I picked off the rest of my nail polish. Nail polish OCD. Yes yes, it is terrible for one's nails but they'll soon be pacified and refinished (sounds like a hunk of wood) to a nice sheen and shine.

Friday called for a skirt. It was that kind of day...the kind where one must wear something that will make them smile. i.e. a skirt.

Last night the alarm went off at 1:45.....brrrrr. Someone had pulled it for shits and giggles -_-  We waited outside, made it to the bathroom before heading back to bed when the alarm went off again. We walked back upstairs....we were just about to fall asleep, and it went off again. Not happy campers.

Shirt: AE; Skirts: Candy; belt: came with skirt
Looking not-too-shabby for hardly sleeping much...hover between conscious rest and sleep.

Fresh Hello Kitty band-aid; Stockings: Betsey Johnson; shoes: Old Navy

We learned the word for "band-aid" auf Deutsch! Pflaster! I was so excited, I made sure to use that word in the little dialogue we had to make up.

Jess and I made it to her house and had delish chicken parm, played Just Dance, and headed to see The Vow! They had a Star Wars display...naturally, I had to get a picture after the movie, which incidently was amazing! Yes...I'm a bit of a sucker for romance films. There was blood, though...nice balance :P

I look like a goober. Shopping day outfit! Mixing prints and just going with it. This flannel shirt is super soft and comfy....I'm a bit sad to be going back tomorrow. On the flipside, I really need to properly remove the remnants of nail polish on my nails! They look......bad.

But shopping today was fun! I was in my comfort zone...the mall. And went to the Cheesecake Factory for the first time. So yummy...but tum tum full and content. Chicken enchilada and Reese's peanut butter and fudge cheesecake....mmmmmm

I'm a sleepy bunny.

Curling up with Harry the cat and drifting off into a fitful slumber.... :)

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