Friday, February 17, 2012

Pflaster und Buchhaltung

Band-aids and accounting.

My Band-aid has Anakin Skywalker on it! :)
I had my accounting quiz today...we shall see how it went. I was surprisingly calm about it. I'm seriously a spaz about quizzes and tests and exams and the like. I had an English presentation and, being the nerdy I am, I stayed after class to see how the presentation affected my overall grade for the class. I'm a self perfectionist when it comes to grades...and a stickler for grammar. And speaking Deutsch! Ich bin nicht am besten, aber ich hasse, wann dumme Studenten Deutsch nicht sprechen können, weil sie faul sind! Phew!

It was a long day....busy, too. I was in such a hurry for work that I forgot to grab lunch so it consisted of some chocolate and gummi bears. Please don't judge! I went to the gym afterwards, I promise!

Since I'm rather busty (it happens), I quite love guys' t-shirts. This is one of Lovely's that he let me borrow...and I haven't returned...sooo comfy! Guys' shirts can easily be pulled off (in the fashion sense, not the pervy sense!) better than oversize womens' shirts so I've found. I like this color, too...he and I need to go shopping again.

Another goodie from Sissy!! Love this ring

Bought this awesome Deutschland pin in München Flughaven! And this other pin is from D.C. Arts Festival which was in September or October? Cannot recall.....


Time for homework...I've already finished Deutschhausaufgaben and now for accounting and English essay...hobey ho!

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