Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Maladies and Polka Dots

Last night was an exceptionally good night! Jordan, Jess and I went to Houlihan's. I had delish chipotle turkey wrap and shared a decadent s'mores dessert with Sissy! Mmmm....unfortunately, last night I was sick :(

Hmm....not sure what happened. Headache and sickness...felt ill this morning but getting through it! Sometimes even big girls need their mummy.

hmmm this doesn't even look like me

Yoda band-aid on my BA. It goes well with the Hello Kitty
and nude-colored band-aids on my right-hand fingers

Loafers: Nine West, c/o my Sissy

Valentine's Day prezzie from Sissy

My Sissy gave me tons of goodies for Valentine's Day! The three rings above, and the socks, and the necklace, and a bunch of other things I'll most likely be wearing in the next few days! :)

Katie and I were serenaded by the one was meant for Jess, but since she wasn't here, they sang to us...

This song is so pretty....we sang it for choir in high school and it was stuck in my head!

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