Wednesday, August 29, 2012

g33ky to the last drop

"To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction"
~Newton's Third Law

It seems like for every journey i begin [like sophomore year] it seems like another last [last and only time i'll begin sophomore year, as well as last stretch of being the dreaded teenager].

Wah. Two more months of being a teen. I'm not sure why, but simply being 20 sounds more mature than 19 although i like the number 19 better....perhaps it's more aesthetically pleasing? I'm getting old.

Checked  out the new German collection [geh Deutschland!] and tried out My Very First Knockwurst. Best way to describe the color: beige-y lavendar/pale pink.

Mmmmm my roommate went to Germany for two weeks and brought me back chocolate! Ja, ich liebe Schokolade aber ich esse noch nicht alle....I promise i haven't eaten it all yet! It iis delicious....

Yesterday was a busy day. Wore my spiked shoes with my pink and white striped tank dress....little boring but the shoes made up for it. Four classes, though, made for a long day....

Two languages in one day! J'aime les classes de français et l'allemand! International relation and marketing should be fun....except my bum fell asleep halfway through marketing. 3hr night class isn't my cup of tea but just add that to the list of new things experienced at college.

Having a positive outlook to start the year right.

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