Friday, August 17, 2012

What the duck?

Lovely and i went on a sweet little date last night...

Wings and a sandwich and some white birch beer. I love my wings....mmmmm

Ok, maybe i eat them like a princess [with one hand on the wing, another on a napkin] but they are so dang delicious. Hot wings and spicy garlic butter!

Then we went off to the park for some pictures....naturally, we forgot to bring bread for the ducks.

Dear masked suitor, I was not impressed by your constant preening. In fact, I found it distracting whilst I was on my date.

Darling ducklings growing up!! They were impossibly fuzzy....I wanted to pet them...

Reminds me of my high school graduating class....quite an eclectic bunch who were pretty chill and above silly labeling.

Pretty white-headed ducks

Anti-social dude....too cool for the group. He looked a little irrate. He promptly jumped off his perch when another duck dared to get close.

New shoes :)

They started leaving when they saw this point, had my mum been there, she would have made a joke about me being too scary.

Ice cream and Project X followed our little get-away....

Tonight shall consist of some relaxing and returning my blood pressure back to normal after a chaotic day at work in which i made assemblers correct their orders which i was checking, telling my supervisor i "didn't have time for this shit" aka mistakes, and my boss making a joke about me being dumb. Please do not question my intelligence.

I'm all for giggles and wit, but today was not the day to mock my brain -_-

Dean's List and a 3.7 GPA, thank you very much.

Phew....please forgive my slight testiness. Poison ivy still wreaking havoc and not improving my mood. I need some Lovely tonight....hopefully seeing him tonight!

Have a lovel-E start to your weekend!

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