Friday, August 10, 2012

Unhappy camper in Unhappyville

For the most part, i've been a fairly happy person, or as happy as one can be working in a sweaty factory 40hrs/week.....until i started noticing these unsightly blemishes on my leg.....and then more appeared....and then some appeared on my arm.

In short, while i haven't been to the doctor yet, it's a very high possibility that i have poison ivy.

Hence the unhappiness and lack of pictures.

Benedryl became my friend last night to soothe my itchiness, but, alas, has made me tired. Hmmm itch or fatigue? Dammit, tough decision! Both can make me grumpy.

On the bright side, they're supposed to heal more quickly after they've burst and i went into freak-out mode after my shower as in i rubbed my leg with my towel so much it started to, hopefully that'll help :D

Hopefully it'll cool off this weekend so i can wear pants.

Lounge pants have been this week's fashion...and who wants to see pics of the same pants? Even though they are my new navy Tommy Hilfiger ones...

Ugh. I feel like a dirty person having to change my sheets, towels, etc. every day and wash off just about everything i touch. How annoying.

For shits and giggles, check out Suri's Burn Book. Hysterical!

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